With 2019 looming, we take a moment to recap what Tamasenco achieved in 2018. Reflecting on the past should always be the first step towards defining your new goals, so here goes!

Tamasenco grew bigger.

We expanded our studio to 11 people, hiring 6 new employees of all specialties, bringing a sense of freshness to the team. The way the newcomers joined the studio, in a slow and spread-out way, helped build the chemistry needed to create and innovate. We now count 4 developers, 3 artists, 2 marketeers and 2 game designers! So, you can expect more high quality games being produced from our studio in 2019 😉

Tamasenco grew social.

We attended several big conferences: from Prague’s White Nightsto Athens Games Festival, where we had the chance not only to showcase our game but, also, achieve strategic business partnerships, such as an extremely fruitful one with AppoDealWe were also interviewed by one of the most prestigious Greek TV Stations, Alpha TV regarding the Greek Video Game Industry!

Our CEO, Dimitris Koutsomitsos, being interviewed by ALPHA TV.

Tamasenco went Wild West.

Wild West Saga has been Tamasenco’s main project for some time now and 2018 proved why we believe so strongly in our game (see also our Blog Post). It has now thousands of Daily Active Users across several platforms (iOS, Android, Steam, Kongregate, Facebook, and Amazon) and a vibrant Discord Community, with more than 400 members! We also Fully Released our game on Steam just two days ago and we introduced Weekly Tournaments 2 weeks ago 🏆 We have so much in store for 2019 and we’re over the moon to see the appraise it has been getting by our players!

Tamasenco looks at the future.

2019 approaches excitingly with new opportunities. We are devoted to create new fun experiences for players all over the world. We will be very shortly releasing a new Casual Word game, with some of the most illustrious graphics you’ve seen in the mobile gaming industry. We’ll of course continue to work on Wild West Saga, while silently working on our new big project 😉

More games, more players, more fun shall be our New Year’s Resolution!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Tamasenco! Thank you so much for believing in us and supporting us; cheers to a Happy New Year! 💖